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Dr. Tim Harrigan family, chiropractic tucson, nutrition, whole food nutrition, healthcare provider

Welcome to our obsession of getting people healthier!

Dr. Tim Harrigan, chiropractic physician, speaker, tranont, standard process, nutrition, doctor

We are simply Uber, for your health goals!

We have ONE PURPOSE... To make you better and healthier than before you met us! The body is designed to be healthy. We simply help your body achieve that by utilizing many nutritional formulas to optimize how it functions. I have not had a prescription for 17 years, and our kids have had zero meds in their bodies due to these tools we utilize.

Let's fix your deficiencies and toxicities!

Our bodies need thousands of different nutrients daily!

Whole food-based nutrition - just as nature intended.

Support your well-being with all of your favorite Standard Process supplements.

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